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“Sweet Aroma”

"This holy anointing oil is reserved for me… It must never be used to anoint anyone else, and you must never make any blend like it for yourselves. It is holy, and you must treat it as holy.

Never use this formula to make this incense for yourselves. It is reserved for the Lord,

and you must treat it as holy.”

Exodus 30:31-32, 37

In a Tabernacle filled with the stench of slaughtered animals, there would also have been a beautiful scent arising from the fragrant anointing oil which covered all the furniture. Mingled with that perfume would have come pleasant whiffs of the pure incense burning. God made it clear that the latter two aromas were to be reserved for Him alone. In fact, any person who dared use the oil or the incense for themselves would be cut off from the community! Doesn’t that sound a little harsh?

I found one possible explanation in 2 Corinthians 2:15 where we’re told our lives are a Christ-like fragrance. But have we ever of wasted HIS sweet aroma by flaunting it as our own? The sweet aroma from GOD’s presence in us was not meant to bring attention to us. Instead, when we surrender our selfish hearts, HIS sweet aroma will simply ooze out of us and bring glory to God, sometimes when we’re not even aware.

There is a quiet power in Godly aroma! As the priests burned the holy incense every morning and evening, that sweet-smelling aroma floated through the Tabernacle and most likely overpowered the unpleasant odors of those smelly animals!

May the sweet aroma of Christ’s presence in us also

overpower the stench of our sinful world day and night!


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