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Updated: Jan 16, 2020

“Gems from My Swing”

If I were to choose one word to describe the entire Bible, without a doubt it would be RELATIONSHIP. God’s desire to be close to the people He created, is consistently revealed on the pages of this incredible Book.

As the stories unfold from Genesis to Revelation, I observe a common thread…God pursues man. Our Creator initiated relationship in the Garden of Eden, even though He knew Adam and Eve’s choices would soon break that beautiful intimacy. Because Our Father did not want this separation, He had already put a plan in place to restore the precious relationship.

Years later we see God birth a family of purpose, a lineage through which He would send His own Son to redeem us back. We watch this family struggle with faith throughout the Old Testament. Yet in the midst of those doubts, we observe a God who continually revealed Himself to them. Even in exile, God sent prophets to call His chosen people back to relationship.

The Gospels tell the story how the Son of God came as predicted to show us the Way to God. With Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice, God’s plan for RELATIONSHIP was complete. The letters of the New Testament simply show us how to walk out that relationship, and Revelation finally gives us hope that one day all God’s family will live in perfect relationship forever!

I welcome you to journey with me through this beautiful Book of Relationship. By no means do I intend to give thorough Bible studies of every book. Rather, each day’s blog is simply my attempt to describe one of the treasures of relationship I gathered on my numerous trips through this Book. Please enjoy with me some gems from My Swing!


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