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“The God Who Feels”

“So the LORD was sorry he had ever made them and put them on the earth. It broke his heart…I am sorry I ever made them.”

Genesis 6:6-7 NLT

Disappointment is one of the most difficult emotions to process. When our expectations are not met, we can experience shock, anger, fear, and undoubtedly sadness. Disappointment often leaves us alone with a broken heart that we assume nobody understands.

That being the case for humans, the words above may reveal a shocking aspect of our God. Think with me for a moment: God created man for relationship. When He came to walk in the Garden of Eden, it wasn’t just to smell the roses. God came to walk with man, and His plan was to enjoy that special relationship forever. So, imagine God’s disappointment when His creation left relationship with Him to pursue their own selfish ways. When God saw the evil in “everything they thought or imagined…it broke His heart.” God’s world did not turn out the way He had intended, and He suffered regret and sorrow. Yes, even Almighty God felt pain.

So the next time you feel disappointed, the next time your heart is breaking, remember Your Creator DOES know how you feel. And remember too—even though He may have sent the flood because of His disappointment, He sent the rainbow because of His love.

God feels your flood of emotions.

So, keep looking up—His rainbow of love is on the way!


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