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“The God Who Sewed”

“And the Lord God made clothing from animal skins for Adam and his wife.”

Genesis 3:21

For the first time in the history, man faced the painful result of selfish choices. The perfect life they had known in paradise was now only a dream. If only we had heeded God’s warning…If only we hadn’t thought we knew better…If only…”

Fortunately, these two fearful, shame-filled people had a Creator who cared about their grieving hearts and naked bodies. In one of His kindest gestures, “God made clothing for Adam and his wife.” Yes, this couple had tried earlier to cover themselves, but only succeeded in stringing fig leaves together. Their loving Father, on the other hand, sewed garments!

I am intrigued by the materials used for the two sets of clothing. Adam and Eve used fig leaves which would soon wither, would become brittle and uncomfortable, and would need to be replaced often. God chose animal skins. However, before those skins could be sewn, a lamb had to be slain and its precious blood shed. Only then could God’s hands sew soft, durable garments to dress His hurting children.

I wonder if perhaps God was demonstrating the process for the garments He would lovingly sew for His future children. The cost of such robes could only be paid with the life of HIS priceless Lamb.

And the robes of righteousness Jesus’ blood purchased

covers ALL our nakedness and shame!


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