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“This is Not Right!”

“Finally, they said to each other, ‘This is not right. This is a day of good news and we aren’t sharing it with anyone. If we wait until morning, some calamity will certainly fall upon us. Come on, let’s go back and tell the people at the palace.’”

2 Kings 7:9 NLT

I will never forget my first experience in the Regal Shop—shelves filled with beautiful household items, all purchased by women from our supporting churches. Missionaries were given thirty minutes to shop for free, but I was so overwhelmed admiring all the treasures that I almost forgot to fill my shopping cart!

It’s a good thing the four hungry lepers didn’t just admire the display of abundant treasures God had arranged. They quickly ate until they were stuffed, gathered up as much loot as they could carry, but then realized— This is not right! They were not the only hungry people needing food to stay alive.

Likewise, my soul is not the only one needing strength and hope to keep on living. Fortunately, every day I discover the treasures of Good News in God's Word to feed my hungry soul. But like the treasures in the Regal Shop, they are freely given for me to enjoy and then share with others.

God never gives treasures so we can put them on a shelf to be admired. His treasures are not for selfish hording but for generous sharing. If we spend all our time simply admiring God’s treasures like I did that day in the Regal Shop, when we hear the “Time’s up!” warning, we will have nothing in our take-away basket to share...

And THAT is not right!


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