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This is what the great king of Assyria says: What are you trusting in that makes you so confident? Do you think that mere words can substitute for military skill and strength? Who are you counting on that you have rebelled against me?...Have the gods of any other nations ever saved their people?”

2 Kings 18:19-20, 33 NLT

The king of Assyria sounds like the serpent in the Garden when he tried to convince Eve that she knew better than God. Both were trying to instill doubt—Who are you trusting anyway?

Our enemy’s threats always strike at the very heart of trust. The Assyrian king’s boasts did the same—Look how great I am…do you think you can stand against me? Other people trusted their gods, and they couldn’t save them. What makes you think your God is strong enough? Besides, you’ve failed Him—why would He help you anyway?

The enemy’s threats not only strike at trust, but they insult God. How could the Assyrian king even dare to compare the gods of this world to the GOD of Judah? He boasted about all his great victories, but of course he could defeat those nations—their gods did not even exist!

Have those kinds of threats jangled your peace lately? Perhaps you’ve been listening to loud boasts and doubt-filled questions, but the enemy is just trying to distract you. Don’t let his noise drown out the voice of Your Loving Father. HE has the real plan for victory, and HE will be faithful to show you!

Just keep on trusting and keep on listening for GOD’s response—for sure, it’s on the way!


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