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“Turning Hearts”

“Now Solomon loved many foreign women…The Lord had clearly instructed the people of Israel, ‘You must not marry them, because they will turn your hearts to their gods.’…And in fact, they did turn his heart away from the Lord…to worship other gods.”

1 Kings 11:1-4

Solomon’s story began with, “Solomon loved the Lord…” (3:3) But only a few chapters later, “Solomon loved many foreign women.” How easily Solomon’s affections turned his heart from God!

The NIV translation states, “His wives led him astray.” Solomon simply followed those he loved. The same is true today—we are led by whatever or whoever we love. No wonder God admonishes us, “Guard your heart”—it can either lead us TOWARD God or AWAY from God.

RELATIONSHIPS center around the heart—beginning with hearts focused on each other and continuing until one turns their heart in another direction. God did not change His heart toward Solomon, but Solomon proved his affections had changed when he built shrines to worship his wives’ idols. It’s not surprising God felt angry—Solomon’s heart had turned away from relationship with Him to relationship with other gods. (v. 9)

Actions are the windsock of relationships—they indicate the direction of the heart. God’s heart is always turned toward me, and His actions display that abundant love every day. But where is my heart directed? Do my actions prove I love God, or have I allowed “foreign” affections to subtly turn my heart away from Him? If so, I have a choice to make today…

Turn my heart back to God before I too start building shrines!


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