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“What Joy”

“When THEY walk through the Valley of Weeping, it will become a place of refreshing springs…THEY will continue to grow stronger."

Psalm 84:6-7

I wrote this promise in my journal in the middle of my own year of tears. Of course, I wanted my valley to become a place of refreshing, so my question was, “Who are THEY?”

I wasn’t too shocked when I read their descriptions. (v 4-7, 12) It seems THEY were people who…

-lived in God’s presence

-always sang His praises

-found their strength in the LORD

-set their minds on being in God’s presence

-trusted in God

These individuals didn’t earn their blessings. Refreshing springs didn’t pop up because of their name, their rank, or their great accomplishments. God’s favor rested on them because of Who they chose to hang out with! It’s evident that being in GOD’s presence was their top priority, and therefore THEY were refreshed, even during the most difficult times of their lives.

Furthermore, I noticed the Psalmist didn’t say, “IF they walk through the valley of weeping...” He said, “WHEN…” Relationship with God does not exempt us from trials and tears. However, the Psalmist did say, What joy for those who—set their minds to live close to GOD—to sing HIS praises, to trust in HIM. THEY will have GREAT joy—no matter whether they’re walking through a valley of weeping or beside a refreshing spring!

And I have proven that JOY to be real

Deep, peaceful, miraculous, and indescribable!


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