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“When Morning Comes”

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

“And evening passed and morning came...”

Genesis 1:5, 8, 13, 19, 23, 31

God created the world in six days. However, it’s intriguing the Genesis description of each day’s work ended with the same phrase, “evening passed and morning came.”

As each day dawned, God created something distinctly different from His miracles the day before. And yet, each new day’s handiwork complimented that of the previous day, and in turn, made way for the miracles that would take place the following day. TOGETHER, those daily creations completed a breath-taking masterpiece!

What a beautiful picture of our lives! Evenings pass and mornings come, many of which seem quite mundane to us. And yet, could it be that God is fashioning something new in our lives every day, even though we’re quite unaware? In fact, we may not even like the shape of some of some pieces, but God alone knows how today’s creations will fit with what He has planned for tomorrow. And only the Creator knows how stunning each masterpiece will be when it’s finished!

So, when evening passes and it seems the chaos in my life looks the same as yesterday, perhaps I need to remember—when evening passes, morning IS coming! And whether I see them or not, my Creator has already designed miracles for the coming morning—and TOGETHER those miracles will become HIS masterpiece!

So, when morning comes, what will I do?

I will trust HIM!


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