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“Who Am I?”

“The temple I am about to build must be magnificent, because our God is greater than all other gods. But who is able to build such a temple when even the highest heaven can't contain God? And who am I that I should build this temple for God, except as a place to burn incense in his presence?”

2 Chronicles 2:5-6 CEB

It’s easy to understand Solomon’s question—if the heavens can’t contain our awesome God, how in the world could a man-made Temple house Him? What man creates could never be magnificent enough for the God of all gods, the Creator of heaven and earth, GOD ALMIGHTY!

However, Solomon’s next question is the more important one for me, Who am I?” I’m thankful that God Himself gives that answer. HE says I am HIS beloved, HIS special treasure, the apple of HIS eye. I am HIS creation and HIS child. HE says He wants relationship with me. God did not create me to build temples—He created me to BE a temple, HIS temple.

I will never understand this overwhelming mystery, that God wants to dwell in me. In fact, He says that if I open the door, HE will come in and have sweet fellowship with ME! Even Solomon described the Temple as a place to burn sweet incense in his presence. The magnificent structure of the Temple would not be as beautiful as the sweetness of God’s Presence INSIDE the Temple.

Like Solomon, I could never be good enough to build a temple for God. But HE has already built it! I AM God’s Temple!

So may everyone around me be blessed by the sweet aroma of HIS Presence in this temple!


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