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“Work Hard”

“The men in charge of the renovation worked hard and made steady progress. They restored the Temple of God according to its original design and strengthened it.”

2 Chronicles 24:13 NLT

King Joash decided to repair and restore the Temple of the LORD, but the fulfillment of that decision depended on others. The king provided everything needed for the task—supplies, tools, and experts to create the design. And finally, with much labor, the Temple was restored and strengthened.

My Creator knew the temple in which I live would not last forever either. This temple where God dwells, becomes weak and needs constant repair to be what its Creator intended. So as my King, He not only decided to repair, restore, and strengthen my temple, but HE provided everything needed for the task. However, He left ME in charge of that renovation!

God supplies my food, but I choose what to ingest. God supplies my muscles, but I choose to exercise them. And, most importantly, God gives me a heart to worship Him, but I clean the junk from its corners. I apply the oil of His presence to its callouses. And I allow God’s love to massage my veins back to life.

Like those in charge of the Temple renovation, if I work hard, I will make steady progress. Change will not come over night, but I can trust my King. HE decided to restore my temple, and HE will strengthen me to fulfill that task!

Working together, I can be restored to GOD's original design!


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