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“Worship God by Name”

“When Seth grew up, he had a son and named him Enosh.

It was during his lifetime that people first began to worship the LORD by name.”

Genesis 4:26

The definition of “name” is a word by which a person is known. Knowing a person’s name is the beginning of your knowledge of them. It is the same with God—we know God by knowing His Names. Throughout scripture, whenever God revealed another Name, He progressively showed us a different facet of His character.

In Genesis one, God called himself Elohim, the Strong Creator, the One who spoke the world into being. In Genesis two a more personal Jehovah God/Yahweh formed man with His own hands and breathed His own breath into him. In Genesis three this same Jehovah God wanted relationship with man, so He personally came looking for him.

In Genesis 4 we meet Adam’s grandson, Enosh, who was 695 years old when Adam died. So, it was at some point during Adam’s lifetime that people “began to worship the LORD by name.” And what Name did they worship? —The LORD of Adam’s stories: the LORD God who miraculously created his beautiful wife, the LORD God who came looking for him, the LORD who lovingly pleaded with his son. They worshipped the LORD who wanted relationship with them!

As Adam’s people discovered Yahweh to be a personal God, they worshipped Him.

And when I know God as MY personal God, I too will worship!


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