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“A Powerful Team”

“So Noah did everything as the Lord commanded him.”

Genesis 7:5 NLT

Noah was the first example of obedience in scripture. In fact, his obedience was so noteworthy that its description appears twice…Noah did “everything exactly as God had commanded him.” (6:22 and 7:5)

Undoubtedly, Noah’s actions were noble, but I am more intrigued by their origin. What triggered such thorough and seemingly unquestioned obedience? In the previous chapter we read that Noah “walked in close fellowship with God.” Perhaps as he got to know God better through that relationship, Noah learned to trust God more. We all know how difficult it is to obey someone if you do not trust them. But on the other hand, as trust grows, obedience becomes easier.

Trust and obey…they go together like a needle and thread, like paper and ink, like camera and film. Alone, neither can accomplish much, but together they are a powerful team. Similarly, obedience cannot take place without trust, and trust cannot be demonstrated without obedience. To put it another way, trust gives birth to obedience and obedience gives credibility to trust.

Psalm 9:10 – “Those who know your name trust in you…” The more I know God, the more I will trust God. And the more I trust, the more I will obey!

Trust and obey, a most powerful team!


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