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“All Grown Up”

The very next day they began to eat unleavened bread and roasted grain harvested from the land. No manna appeared on the day they first ate from the crops of the land, and it was

never seen again. So from then on the Israelites ate from the crops of Canaan.”

Joshua 5:11-12

It was time for those who had grown up in the wilderness, to begin a new life. After forty years of eating manna every day, the very next day no manna appeared. If we look closely at the two events that transpired BEFORE that day, we will discover very important life-truths.

Since it was GOD who stopped the manna, He of course prepared His kids for that morning. First, He made sure those who had grown up were circumcised…that they had taken their own step into His covenant relationship (v. 7). And second, God made sure they celebrated the Passover. He wanted them to remember WHO had brought them out of bondage, so they would trust HIM in every battle ahead.

In God’s plan, it seems the right of passage into being all grown up is first, make your own choice for relationship with God, and second, remember Who to trust. For the grown-up Israelites, that meant from then on, they would eat from the bountiful variety of food in God’s Promised Land.

Likewise, when God changes our hearts and we enter a relationship of trust, we too gain passage into God’s bountiful promises. If we keep slaying the giants of fear and unbelief, we will possess new promises every day…and that’s the best part of being all grown up!


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