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“Build an Altar First”

“Then Noah build an altar to the Lord, and there he sacrificed as burnt offerings

the animals and birds that had been approved for that purpose.”

Genesis 8:20 NLT

Perhaps Noah could go down on record for enduring the longest trial in history. In the decades it took to build the ark, Noah experienced unbelievable harassment day after day. With only four men on his construction team, he must have felt totally exhausted every day. Pondering how to complete such an insurmountable task, could have tormented his soul every night. What's more, he agreed to endure yet another year, living on a primitive boat with thousands of animals.

In spite of all that, we read that…Noah build an altar to the Lord. After all those years of hardship and trials, the very first thing Noah did when his feet touched dry ground, was to worship! The secret behind such an act had to be his close fellowship with God. (6:9) Noah did not pull away from God by questioning why me or by arguing this is not fair. Instead, Noah chose to trust God, stay close to Him, and see HIS faithfulness through it all. No wonder he could hardly wait to build that altar.

There is no trial that should keep us from worshipping our faithful God. And Noah's experience can testify that after building altars of worship, promises and rainbows will follow!


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