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“But God Remembered Noah”

“But God remembered Noah and all the wild animals and livestock with him in the boat...”

Genesis 8:1 NLT

Over a year had passed since Genesis 7:1 when the Lord had said to Noah, ‘Go into the ark…” He and his family had been cooped up with all kinds of animals, dealing day after day with the greatest sanitation crisis of all times. I wonder how often Noah questioned his decision to build that boat. When was this bizarre dream ever going to end?

But God remembered Noah! The same God who sent the waters, sent a wind to dry them up. He stopped the torrential rains from above, He turned off the underground water faucet, and He made the waters begin to recede. At long last, Noah heard that familiar voice. Then God said to Noah, ‘Leave the boat…’” (8:15) The same voice that directed Noah to enter the boat, then told him when it was time to exit.

Currently, it may seem like an eternity between the “then’s” of your life. Perhaps you cannot stand the thought of another stench-filled day. But the same God who remembered Noah, has not forgotten you! HE still knows how stop the downpour and dry up the floods. And then He tell you too, it’s time to move on!


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