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“Carving Your Own God”

“What do you mean, ‘What’s the matter?’ Micah replied. You have taken away

all the gods I have made, and my priest, and I have nothing left.”

Judges 18:24

Micah sat up a shrine in his house for the image and idol his mother had made in HIS honor. Then he created a sacred ephod, more household gods, and installed a Levite to be HIS own personal priest. However, men from another tribe later came and stole all his idols and took the Levite to be THEIR priest! Micah’s response was bitter: “You took all the gods I made, and MY priest, and I have nothing left!

Micah’s story is a warning for those who try to create their own gods. When people think the God of creation is outdated…that His ways are harsh and archaic…that it’s time to move on to modern thinking…they begin to carve out their own god, one that fits their thinking and their lifestyle. But sadly, they too will end up with nothing!

What about me…have I begun to question God’s waysdo I think I know better? Have I been toying around with half-truths? I better be careful…if I try to create my own god, I may carve away so much Truth that there will be nothing left but an empty shell…and that fragile shell will be me!

Beware of carving your own god…

If you keep chipping away Truth…

You will have nothing left!


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