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“Hair Grows”

“But before long, his hair began to grow back.”

Judges 16:22

Yesterday we witnessed how self-centeredness took Samson from being Power-full to powerless. The Philistines quickly captured the “strong man,” gouged out his eyes, bound him in chains, and forced him to grind grain in a prison.

We have no idea how many laps Samson made around the grindstone in that dungeon…where he performed a donkey’s job…where both day and night were darkest black…where haunting memories of selfishness, anger, and pride tormented his mind. Samson’s dungeon became his pit of despair.

BUT, somewhere in the darkness, a miracle of grace took place…Samson’s hair began to grow. The symbol of GOD’s power had been cut, but it had not been uprooted! As Samson’s hair grew, so did his faith. Consequently, when the enemy mocked him the loudest, Samson called on the Lord HIS God, and over 3,000 Philistines fell by the strength GOD gave him!

You may have been knocked down multiple times…perhaps memories of your failures bind you in the dungeon of despair…your life may feel like an endless grind. But though it may seem your life has been cut off, the seed of your faith has NOT been uprooted! Like Samson’s hair, faith grows…and it grows the strongest in darkness!

So, get ready for a miracle of grace…

Because when faith grows, enemies fall!


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