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“Chasing Vultures”

“Some vultures swooped down to eat the carcasses, but Abram chased them away.”

Genesis 15:11

Following Abram’s dangerous mission to rescue Lot, the Lord had told him not to be afraid, that He would protect him. And furthermore, Abram would have as many descendants as the stars.

It was during that conversation that Abram addressed God for the first time as Sovereign Lord, meaning Adonai. Since that name depicts a more intimate relationship, evidently Abram was growing in his knowledge and trust of God. That’s when the Sovereign Lord made a covenant with Abram to keep His promises. However, when Abram finished laying out the animal sacrifices for that covenant, some vultures swooped down to eat the carcasses.

I have seen that same scenario in my own life…just when I begin to trust God’s Word more, along come the vultures…fear and unbelief. They swoop down and try to capture my blessings. In spite of that, we read that Abram chased the vultures away! He did not sit idly by and watch the enemy seize what God had promised. In fact, I can almost hear him shouting as he leaped into action, “Get out of here! My God said these are mine, and you cannot have them!”

The same Sovereign Lord has spoken to me, and His Word is true. No vulture is going to steal those promises from me!


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