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“Come and See”

“David also prepared a place for the Ark of God and set up a special tent for it.”

1 Chronicles 15:1

Ever feel angry when something you try SO hard to make happen, fails? Ever feel afraid to try again? King David felt that way when HIS first attempt to move the Ark of God failed miserably. In fact, David even wondered how he could have God’s Presence near him!

I’m so thankful that our Loving God wants relationship more than we do. When David was afraid, God simply came closer so David could see Him more clearly. Realizing it was GOD who had established him as king (14:2), it wasn’t long until David reached out for direction in battle. And when he won a mighty victory, David exclaimed, “God did it!” And it was GOD who caused all the nations to fear David, and his fame spread everywhere.

The more David saw God’s faithfulness to him, the more his trust grew. The tighter the relationship, the greater David’s confidence to bring the Ark home—this time GOD’s way. No wonder David prepared a special place to house the Ark—David wanted HIS God even closer!

Isn’t that kind of relationship amazing? When we fail, God does not push us away. No way—He wants us to SEE more clearly how much HE loves us!

No matter how you may have failed, listen to your Father’s loving call, “Come and see ME!”


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