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“There, too, the whole community of Israel complained about Moses and Aaron.”

Exodus 16:2

Only one month after leaving the land of Egypt, the Israelites arrived in the Wilderness of Sin, and there too the whole community of Israel complained. There too? Oh yes, these people had certainly complained before. In fact, this was the third time in one month…first at the Red Sea when they were afraid, second at Marah when the water was bitter, and now in the wilderness where there was no food.

The Hebrew word for complain means to murmur or grumble. Those words certainly define how the Israelites responded to their circumstances. But wait, did they forget the other part of the story? What was GOD up to that same month? HE was busy delivering them from Egypt with His mighty hand, guiding them in the wilderness with the Cloud of His presence, opening the Red Sea, turning bitter waters into sweet, and then refreshing them with springs and palm trees…that’s all!

Every moment of their lives, GOD was working right beside them. But when difficulty came, they forgot His care and chose to complain instead. Grumbling words poured quickly from forgetful hearts.

May the storeroom of my heart be filled with memories of God’s faithfulness Then, when circumstances of life squeeze me tightly, perhaps the complaints that have far too often poured from my mouth will be replaced by words of gratefulness!


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