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“Bezalel made the bronze washbasin and its bronze stand from bronze mirrors

donated by the women who served at the entrance of the Tabernacle.”

Exodus 38:8

The bronze mirrors those women donated for the washbasin in the Tabernacle had to be one of their most valued possessions. A mirror is something we all stop by dozens of times a day to make sure we are properly put together or if we need some adjusting!

The washbasin was that adjusting place for the priests. Before entering the Tabernacle or approaching the altar, they had to stop and wash the soil of the desert off their hands and feet or they would die in the presence of a holy God. What a great example for us to regularly stop and wash the soil we’ve collected from rubbing shoulders with our world.

And that washbasin did more than hold water. As the priest stood there washing his hands and feet, he could clearly see his refection, not only in the water, but from every angle of the shining bronze basin. He would become aware of any soil he had missed or if any garments needed to be adjusted. That’s why James calls God’s Word a mirror. It reflects what is in our hearts, so we too can become aware of our need for adjustment.

I don’t want anything to keep me from entering God’s presence…

So, I will stop and wash at GOD’s Mirror often!


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