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“‘Give him all of it,’ Mephibosheth said. ‘I am content just to have you safely back again, my lord the king!’”

2 Samuel 19:30

Mephibosheth was Saul’s grandson who David sat at his table, to eat with him like a son. However, when David had to flee for his life because of Absalom’s coup, Mephibosheth’s servant betrayed him, telling David he had stayed in Jerusalem to take back his grandfather’s kingdom!

But as David was returning to the city, he found Mephibosheth looking for him along the road—his crippled feet uncared-for, his clothes not washed, and his beard not trimmed since the day David had fled. Mephibosheth related the truth how he had asked Ziba to saddle a donkey so he could flee with David, but instead his servant falsely accused him of treason.

Mephibosheth’s declaration to David is amazing, “…do what you think is best…I could only expect death from you…but instead you honored me by allowing me to eat at your own table! What more can I ask?” Even when David offered to return his property, Mephibosheth chose to give those possessions to Ziba but keep what was most important to him—relationship! Mephibosheth was content just to be near his king!

King Jesus found me along a road too, crippled and stained from life. He gave me untold riches in Him, but the most valuable gift He offered me was relationship.

Am I content, just to be close to MY King?


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