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“Dangerous Eyes”

“The woman was convinced. The fruit looked so fresh and delicious,

and it would make her so wise!”

Genesis 3:6

Adam and Eve were happily settled in their perfect home, when along came the serpent. He slyly planted doubt in Eve’s mind about God’s instructions, “Did God really say…?” “You won’t die!” he hissed, “…You will become just like God…”

Because God had said not to eat from this one tree, Eve should have seen danger in its fruit. Instead, she saw something attractive to her soul. What Eve initially saw with her physical eye quickly changed focus to a more powerful I, one that saw what I want, what I can be, what power I can have. When Eve moved from what her physical eye could see to what her emotional I wanted, she made a choice that condemned the whole human race.

We need to be aware of the war between our eyes. On one hand, our eye may see the Truth clearly, but at the same time our emotional I is hissing so loudly it drowns out that still small voice of Truth. For that reason, we must never give up the fight. Remember, our Loving God created our physical eyes as well as our emotional I’s. For certain, HE can help us see clearly from both!


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