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Day 6 - “Who Do I Spotlight?”

“Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted there by the devil.”

Matthew 4:1 NLT

Jesus faced Satan’s temptations BEFORE He began preaching or performing miracles. As His followers, we too will face the same. So, it would be helpful to realize the root of those temptations BEFORE we begin preaching to our world.

-If Jesus turned stones into bread, He would use miracles for HIMSELF

-If Jesus jumped off a high peak, He would use power for HIMSELF, and draw attention to HIMSELF

-If Jesus worshiped Satan, He would bow to the king of SELF

Remember, Satan lost his place in heaven simply because he focused on SELF. HE wanted the spotlight—He wanted ALL the worship. But, when he couldn't get that worship from the angels in heaven, he determined to get it from man on earth.

In stark contrast, Jesus came to earth to serve man with His Love. But first He faced the very temptations He knew we would face. Jesus overcame those SELF temptations; and if I want to touch people with Jesus’ love, I need to defeat SELF as well.

So today I take an honest look at MYSELF:

-Are my prayers for miracles all about do for ME?

-Does my desire to be noticed shout look at ME?

-Is my self-focus beginning to look like worship ME?

Satan tempts me to draw attention to ME!

Jesus, help me instead draw attention to YOU!


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