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“Demonstrating Faith”

“‘Don’t ever be afraid or discouraged,’ Joshua told his men. ‘Be strong and courageous,

for the Lord is going to do this to all of your enemies.’ Then Joshua killed each of the five kings…”

Joshua 10:25-26

In the wilderness, Joshua and Caleb were nearly stoned for telling their fellow-Israelites, “Don’t be afraid of the people of the land!” They were not afraid because they believed GOD was bigger than the giants!

Forty years later Joshua made the same plea, this time in the middle of war! However, he did not just TELL his soldiers don’t be afraid. Joshua demonstrated what GOD was going to do to ALL the giants by killing five kings, right in front their eyes! Surely that proved they too could believe and not EVER be afraid!

Of course, God was ready to slay giants in the Promised Land, but first someone had to believe. That belief did not come from a fearful heart, but from a strong and courageous heart. Joshua demonstrated his faith by unwavering obedience to every command God gave him, and as a result, “…conquered the whole region…” (10:40)

God still waits to see faith. If we believe God is bigger than our giants, perhaps it’s time to demonstrate that faith like Joshua did. In obedience to the truths in God’s Word, let’s take out His Sword and begin slaying giants that have ruled way too long. And as we watch each giant fall, we too will know we need never be afraid again!


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