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“From Loss to Promise”

“When Sarah was 127 years old, she died…in the land of Canaan. There Abraham mourned and wept for her…He said to the Hittite elders…Please sell me a piece of land so I can give

my wife a proper burial.”

Genesis 23:1-4

Together, Abraham and Sarah had left their home in Ur, traveling over 1,500 miles to settle in a foreign land God had promised to give them. Together they had lived there as foreigners with not even a clump of dirt to call their own. Together they had suffered many doubts and disappointments. And yet, together they had believed God to bless them with a miracle son.

Now, bearing over a hundred years of precious memories, Abraham faced the task of burying his beautiful wife, not realizing that this one act would have monumental consequences. Remarkably, it was by purchasing burial ground for Sarah that Abraham received his first permanent possession in the promised land. From the loss of his treasure, came the down payment for his family’s future.

Isaac continued to live out his life on that parcel of ground. Years later, Jacob’s body was transported all the way from Egypt to be buried on that family property. Then after 400 years of slavery, Abraham’s descendants returned to take possession of the entire land! One man’s loss opened the door to the fulfillment of promises that bless generations to this day.

Can I believe for the same…that through my losses, God is working miracles that will bless my descendants forever?


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