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“God Has Questions”

“Where are you?”..."Why are you so angry?”

“Where is your brother?”...“What have you done?”

Genesis 3-4

God asked four questions early-on in Genesis. Weighing the possible reasons behind those inquiries could give us a crucial understanding of His heart’s priority…relationship.

Where are you?” Evidently, Adam and Eve had hidden from God, but He came looking for them. God wanted closeness, He wanted relationship. And God still pursues us, no matter what we have done.

Why are you so angry?” When God accepted Abel’s offering and not his, Cain’s anger was evident. Because God did not want anything obstructing their relationship, He lovingly warned Cain about the dangers of what lay buried within his heart. Since relationship is God’s priority, matters of the heart must come first!

Where is your brother?” When Cain secretly killed Abel, God plainly established responsibility…where is YOUR brother? Relationship with God extends to relationships with others. In God’s sight, we are responsible…we ARE our brother’s keeper.

What have you done?” In addition to being responsible for his heart and his brother, God confronted Cain with his actions. Our relationship with God and others is continually fleshed out in what we DO.

From the beginning, God proved RELATIONSHIP is His primary concern, both with Him and with others. God started the whole relationship plan, but we are responsible to keep it going!


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