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“God Is Aware”

“God heard their groaning, and he remembered his covenant promise to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He looked down on the people of Israel and knew it was time to act.”

Exodus 2:24-25

God heard, God remembered, God looked down, and God knew…those verbs certainly describe a God Who cares about people! The Israelites cry for help rose up to a God who was totally aware of their desperate need.

In the following chapter, God tells Moses, I have certainly seen the oppression of my people…I have heard their cries of distress…Yes, I am aware of their suffering…I have come down to rescue them…and lead them out…” God went on to instruct Moses to tell the elders of Israel, I have been watching closely, and I see how the Egyptians are treating you…I have promised to rescue you…I will lead you…” God then described in detail the deliverance He had already planned.

We’ve all experienced those groaning times, when we feel like God doesn’t have a clue what’s going on in our lives. But let’s stop a minute and listen more closely to His heart in these verses. Each strong declaration confirms that He DOES watch our lives and He DOES see everything that happens. Furthermore, God remembers His promises and knows exactly when it is time to act!

So be encouraged…God is not only aware of your circumstances, but He also has a plan for your rescue. You don’t have to worry...just like God promised the Israelites, HE will lead the way!


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