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“God Keeps His Promises”

“Joshua conquered all these kings and their land in a single campaign,

for the Lord, the God of Israel was fighting for his people.”

Joshua 10:42

The story of thirty-one kingdoms annihilated in one campaign is nothing short of a miracle! But why should we be surprised? After all, GOD had predicted this exact scenario in Deuteronomy, “The Lord your God will…throw them into complete confusion until they are destroyed…No one will be able to stand against you…” (7:23)

Here’s a list from Joshua how GOD fought for Israel: the Lord threw (the enemy) into a panic (10:10), the Lord destroyed them with a terrible hailstorm from heaven (10:11), the Lord gave the Israelites towns and kingdoms (10:30, 32, 42), the Lord gave them victory over their enemies (11:8), and the Lord hardened their hearts and caused them to fight…so they were completely destroyed (11:20). And most amazing, “…the sun stood still and the moon stayed in place until the nation of Israel had defeated its enemies… Surely the Lord fought for Israel that day!(10:13-14)

God certainly kept HIS promise to destroy the nations living in the land. (Deut. 31:4) And later we read, “Not a single one of all the good promises the Lord had given to the family of Israel was left unfulfilled, everything he had spoken came true.” (Josh. 21:45)

Since God’s promise-keeping record for the Israelites was perfect…

I can be certain God will keep His promises to me!


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