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“God Makes House Calls”

“‘Where is Sarah, your wife?’ the visitors asked.

‘She’s inside the tent,’ Abraham replied.”

Genesis 18:9

The birth of Ishmael proved that Abraham could father children. Just imagine the multitude of feelings that event sparked within Sarah…So I am the one standing in the way of our miracle child. Another woman has taken my place…what good am I? My husband already gave me away twice…now I’ve been sidelined again.

Nevertheless, Sarah’s pain-filled heart was not hidden from her Loving Father. He knew that for His promise to be complete, Sarah needed a miracle, not only in her body, but more importantly in her heart. God knew she had been disappointed so many times that she had given up. He understood her fear of trying again. He knew Sarah had to believe!

And so, God came to Sarah’s house. He made sure this message would not be delivered through her husband, but directly from God’s own mouth, “I will return about this time next year, and SARAH will have a son.” Sarah herself heard from God, and the birth of Isaac proves that Sarah believed!

God still makes house calls, daily if we invite Him! He knows we need to hear His voice with our own ears. Only then can we believe for the miracles He wants to birth in us.


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