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“God’s Breath”

“And the Lord God formed a man’s body from the dust of the ground

and breathed into it the breath of life. And the man became a living person.”

Genesis 2:7

For all His other creations, God simply spoke, and what He commanded was created. But when it came to man, God formed a body from the dust. That fact alone is amazing…God did not simply speak, He took the effort to form, to lovingly shape every intimate detail. That body was God’s perfect image, and yet, it was still lifeless as it lay before Him. At that point in creation, man was still an “it!” Not until God breathed HIS breath into the body did the IT become a living person!

How incredible…I am not only created in GOD’s image…I have GOD’s breath! Fully understanding the meaning of those truths would totally change the way I live. If my body is truly God’s image…do my actions represent His? And if I am breathing God’s breath, do the words that come out of my mouth sound like His?

“Oh Father, help me breathe like You today.”


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