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“God’s Camp”

“As Jacob started on his way again, angels of God came to meet him.

When Jacob saw them, he exclaimed, ‘This is God’s camp!’…”

Genesis 32:1-2

Deceitful schemes had cost Jacob relationship with both his parents and his brother Esau. Even though God had told his mother that her younger son would rule the older, Jacob tried to acquire God’s blessings the wrong way. It had been a lifelong struggle up to this point.

God had continued to watch over Jacob those twenty years away from home, despite his determination to succeed on his own. But Jacob finally had enough of his struggles in that foreign land, and headed back home, a broken man.

On the night before he met his estranged brother, “…angels of God came to meet him.” After sending his wives and children on ahead, Jacob was alone in what he called God’s camp. There he entered the most transforming struggle of his life. Jacob fought hard with the Man who joined him, determined to receive his blessing…only this time, God’s way. And by sunrise, Jacob received the highest blessing of all…he had seen God face to face.

Jacob was never the same after that encounter in God’s camp. From that day on, every limping step he took was a reminder of the night he met God and was marked for life.

May our daily encounters with God also mark every step we take!


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