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“It’s All Good”

“Then God looked over all He had made, and He saw it was very good!”

Genesis 1:31

I often hear the younger generation say, “It’s all good!” Their words remind me of the creation story. With each day’s narrative, whether it described light; water and land; the sun, moon, and stars; or the birds, fish and animals…at the end of each creation, “God saw that it was good.”

After God formed man, we hear those words again, however with more emphasis. When the Creator surveyed His final work, He “saw that it was VERY good.” The Hebrew word for good means pleasant, excellent, or valuable. THAT is the perfect description of God’s creation!

We may complain about our beautiful planet being spoiled or we may judge some of its inhabitants as evil. We may look at ourselves and feel like a hopeless mess. But let’s not forget that what God originally created was VERY good. God makes no junk. And even when life leaves its scars, our Father still sees through eyes of love. When He looks at us, He sees excellence, He sees value. From God’s point of view, His creation is ALL good!

So, when I observe my fellow humans, GOD’s creation, do I see with His 20/20 vision, or do my lenses need a little adjustment?


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