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“David brought the gold shields of Hadadezer’s officers to Jerusalem, along with a large amount of bronze...Later Solomon melted the bronze and molded it into the great bronze basin called the Sea, the pillars, and the various bronze articles used at the Temple…David dedicated all these gifts to the LORD, along with the silver and gold he had taken from other nations…”

1 Chronicles 18:7-8, 11

The gifts that David dedicated to the Lord had been taken from enemies whose goal was to control or destroy. The enemy of our souls tries the same—to control our time and finances or destroy our joy, our peace, or even our health. Then he leaves us ALONE in a hopeless puddle of tears..

Perhaps you have felt ashamed for having such melt-downs over enemy-induced afflictions. But be encouraged by what happened when the LORD made King David victorious—David TOOK treasures FROM the enemy, dedicated them to the LORD, and they became articles for worship in the Temple!

Notice Solomon later melted the bronze, gold, and silver and then molded them into something that would bring glory to God. From those enemy treasures came pillars to stand tall and regal, curtains to give protection, tables on which to burn sweet-smelling incense, a basin for water to cleanse away filth, and altars for people to offer sacrifices of worship.

Likewise, when you dedicate your pain to the Lord, He takes your melt-downs and molds them into treasures for HIS glory. Your life becomes...

a pillar of faith to stand tall through any storm—

a shining basin to hold HIS living water—

a beautiful curtain to protect the hurting with HIS love—

and your heart of worship spreads HIS sweet aroma to the world!


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