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“Met by Jesus”

“And many women who had come from Galilee with Jesus to care for him were watching from a distance…Both Mary Magdalene and the other Mary were sitting across from the tomb and watching…And as they went, Jesus met them and greeted them.”

Matthew 27: 55, 61; 28:9

Since the day God created Eve to be a helper just right for Adam, women have been watching for needs and helping meet those needs. In fact, women traveled with Jesus because of their inbred nature to help. (Luke 8:3)

Even though the world views serving others as demeaning, God blesses helpers! Hagar helped Sarah, even when mistreated, and GOD met her in the desert. Ruth left her homeland to help her mother-in-law and GOD gave her a place in Jesus’ bloodline.

That same helping DNA drove women to wait at the cross and watch at the tomb. When they returned with spices for Jesus’ body, they were first to hear He was alive, and quickly hurried to encourage the disciples. In the middle of helping others, those women were met by the One no human had ever seen—the risen LORD!

It’s not surprising women were the first to see Jesus. They were simply drawn by their God-given desire to care for others. But as they went, JESUS met them!

Are you longing for some Jesus encounters in your life? Remember—Jesus met those who were simply being who God created them to be and doing what He gifted them to do.

If you do the same, don’t be surprised when you too are met by Jesus!


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