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“My Unexpected Journey” Part 1

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

“The Lord is MY Shepherd. I have all that I need.”

Psalm 23:1 NLT

We normally don’t go on a journey without first preparing. But when it comes to our life journey, how do we prepare when we have no idea where it may lead? That’s why I am grateful the LORD is MY Shepherdand the Shepherd is my LORD! He knows my journey, and He will show me what I need to know, when I need to know. My preparation is simply this—learn to know His voice and learn to trust His voice.

Months ago, I began feeling uneasy about my writing. Even though I had been posting blogs for two years, the Shepherd kept nudging me—something needed to change. I didn’t know how or what to change but I kept asking and I kept listening.

My Shepherd’s continual nudges remind me of a GPS. When I’m driving, I love being informed of the next turn and how far away it is. However, when the Shepherd of my life informs me of a turn up ahead, instead of appreciating His nudge, my first concern is, “What will I DO if I make that turn?” But my Shepherd is not as concerned about what I DO as He is about my journey. On the other side of that turn, He has new landscapes to show me and new lessons to teach me.

For months I knew that I was on a self-inflicted collision course, but I was determined to keep going, even though I knew I was wearing myself out. Had I been on the wrong road? No. God had called me to the writing path—I just kept control with my structured fence on either side. Had I taken a wrong turn? No. I just trusted the gift (at times) more than I trusted the Giver.

However, when the pain began on December 23rd, I had no idea that seven weeks later I would still be on a sabbatical that my “GPS” knew all along was up ahead! I’m not saying my Shepherd caused the pain, but He lovingly allowed the pain to stop me—and to protect me!

I certainly don’t understand this unexpected journey, but I know from experience that unexpected journeys can become our biggest blessing. Particularly on this one, I am learning the most valuable lessons of my life!

As this new year began, Psalm 23 took on an entirely new meaning for me. I didn’t know that laying down in green pastures could have a literal meaning. I didn’t know that being led by still waters could mean stopping still! I didn’t know a still stop could last so long. And I also didn’t know my Shepherd had already prepared an unbelievable feast for me! BUT…

I KNOW the voice of my Shepherd and I KNOW I can trust HIM! I’m not afraid of change…for HE is close beside me! It’s all about RELATIONSHIP!

So even though I’ve taken a break from my normal writing, over the next several weeks I would love to share with you some of the lessons I’ve been devouring from my Shepherd’s table.

Welcome to my unexpected journey!

(To be continued…)


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