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“It is time to bring back the Ark of our God, for we neglected it during the reign of Saul.”

1 Chronicles 13:3

When the Philistines returned the Ark of the Covenant after stealing it in battle, the Israelites took the Ark to the home of Abinadab and ordained his son to attend it. (1 Samuel 7:1-2) Instead of being housed in the Tabernacle as the center of Israel’s life, the Presence of Almighty God was neglected for twenty years.

Neglect sounds like a strong word, yet evidently Saul went about his business all those years without consulting the God who made him king. That God was housed in the land of Israel, but His people didn’t pay attention to Him. Instead, they allowed Abinadab’s son to attend to the Ark for them!

Do we ever neglect God that way? As His temple, God dwells in us, but do we carry on our business as if He doesn’t exist? Do we give God daily attention, or do we pay our church leaders to attend to Him for us? Does God feel at home in our hearts, or does He feel like an intruder?

After fifty years marriage, what if I only said “Hi!” to Ron in the morning or asked him to fix something, but ignored him the rest of the day? What if I did my own thing as if Ron was not even in the house?

GOD lives in the home of my heart, may HE never feel neglected!


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