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“Our Passionate God”

“You must worship no other gods, for the Lord, whose very name is Jealous,

is a God who is jealous about His relationship with you.”

Exodus 34:14

A Jealous God? It may sound troubling unless we understand the Hebrew word describes the zeal of God for His people. Most English definitions of jealous also have to do with relationships: (1) being intolerant of rivalry or unfaithfulness, and (2) being vigilant in guarding a possession. So, my favorite translation of that verse?

“God is passionate about His relationship with you.”

A few verses earlier, God had reminded the Israelites of the miracles HE was going to do for them in the Promised Land. However, He said they should never worship the idols there. Why? Because God was passionate about HIS relationship with them. Several times in Exodus God called the Children of Israel His special treasure or His treasured possession. So why wouldn’t God be vigilant about guarding HIS treasure? And why would He tolerate the worship of idols? Such unfaithfulness would be like a husband or wife cheating on their spouse!

God is not jealous OF the competitors, but He is jealous FOR His treasures! This is the same God who passed in front of Moses declaring He was full of compassion, mercy, and faithfulness, lavishing unfailing love on HIS treasures forever.

I too am HIS treasure…God is passionate about His relationship with me!

Am I passionate about my relationship with Him?


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