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“The four chief gatekeepers, all Levites, were trusted officials, for they were responsible for the rooms and treasuries at the house of God. They would spend the night around the house of God, since it was their duty to guard it and to open the gates every morning.”

1 Chronicles 9:26-27

Before captivity, the entire line of priests and Levites had served God, first at the Tabernacle in the wilderness, and later at the Temple in Jerusalem. However, the unfaithfulness of their people had exiled them from His holy dwelling.

During those seventy years in exile, I wonder how many times those priests and Levites mourned the loss of their beloved Temple where they had enjoyed God’s presence day after day. I wonder if any of them questioned, “Will I ever get to serve in the Temple again?”

Then we read about 1,760 priests returning home, and they were responsible for ministering at the house of God. (v. 13) We also read about Levites returning to their responsibilities—guarding the Temple and its treasures. Each priest and Levite was entrusted with a privilege—to serve GOD in HIS house.

An amazing truth emerges from these seemingly mundane facts—the priests and Levites returned home with purpose. The life for which God created them was not severed by sin, God’s grace restored purpose, even after exile!

The same is true for you. No matter what your past has been, whether you mourn the consequences of your own choices or someone else’s, when you accept God’s grace, you are no longer tied to your past, but to your future!

The cord of grace ties you to HIS beautiful purpose!


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