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“Remembering My Stones”

“In the future when your children will ask, ‘What do these stones mean?’ Then you can tell them, ‘This is where the Israelites crossed the Jordan on dry ground. For the Lord your God dried up the river right before your eyes, and he kept it dry until you were all across…’”

Joshua 4:21-23

The Israelites gathered stones for a memorial to future generations of God’s miracles at the Jordan River. Likewise, I have gathered photos in trunks and albums so I can show my granddaughters, “This is where GOD took care of me.”

The Jordan River had many this is where miracles…where the river stopped flowing when GOD’s presence stepped in…where GOD dried the mud right before their eyes…and where GOD kept it dry until EVERY person was safely across.

Our God never does miracles halfway! He not only makes sure we SEE the flood waters dry up right before our eyes, but He makes sure we FEEL the security of HIS love all the way to the other side of each impassable river.

We all have memories of GOD’s faithfulness tucked away in houses, at dining tables, in old cars, or at a swing. Maybe it’s time to take a long look at some of those stones today and remember this is where GOD was!

The Israelites were not the only ones who remembered God’s miracles. The enemies in their Promised Land were paralyzed with fear because of what GOD did at the Jordan River. (Joshua 5:1)

So, if the enemy remembers my stones and trembles with fear…

then I better remember my stones…and dance with joy!


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