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“Sacred Contract”

“I will hand over to you the people now living in the land,

and you will drive them out ahead of you.”

Exodus 23:31

The Israelites had no idea what conflicts lay ahead at the border of their Promised Land, but God knew the details of every battle. So, while they were still camped at Mt. Sinai, He laid out a sacred contract that would ensure possession of their land. The contract clearly defined each party’s roles: the PEOPLE were to serve only the Lord their God. IF they fulfilled their part, GOD would bless them and destroy their enemies. Then God explained the process more precisely: I will hand over the enemy, and YOU will drive them out ahead of you.”

The power of a contract comes from faith that each party will keep their word. So, for the Israelites to drive the enemy out ahead of them, they first had to believe GOD would do what He said He would do. Next, in order to drive the enemy, THEY had to get moving! They could not just sit idly by and expect God to do their assignment! The only way for their enemy to get pushed out was for them to push forward!

I too have no idea what enemies may try to steal my promised land, but I’ve read my God’s Sacred Contract cover to cover. The question is, will I believe God and get moving?


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