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“Stages of Trust”

“This is the route the Israelites followed as they marched out of Egypt…At the Lord’s direction, Moses kept a written record of their progress. These are the stages of their march,

identified by the different places where they stopped along the way.”

Numbers 33:1-2

God always has a purpose for His instructions, and that purpose always has something to do with relationship! God knew that by recording their route, Moses and the people would remember each camping place. Those campsites had stories, and those stories taught lessons. Looking back, we can see the Israelites’ learning came in stages…from victory to complaining to rebellion and finally back to victory…all part of growing in relationship. Stage by stage, God was teaching His people to trust Him.

I may not have as many campsites as the Israelites, but by recording the places of my journey, I also see stages of trust. As surely as God taught His children in every stage of their journey, He has taught this child in hers. And interestingly, at every stage, all our lessons had the same theme…relationship by trust!

God began His trust lessons at my childhood swing sixty-five years ago, and in every stage of life since then, He has confirmed the key to relationship is trust. I welcome you to read my journey of trust at the top of this blog page under the tab HIS Story. And then I challenge you to write your own!

May our lessons of trust never terminate until we finally graduate Home!


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