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“Stand Still or Get Moving!”

“Then the Lord said to Moses, ‘Why are you crying out to me? Tell the people to get moving!’”

Exodus 14:15

The terrified Israelites had been told to stand still, stay calm, and watch their God rescue them. Perhaps they would have rather hunkered down in that comfort zone, but instead they heard, “Get moving!”

“What? God said HE would deliver us!” Indeed, that was the plan, but for GOD to deliver them, THEY had to get moving! Taking that step of faith into the Red Sea could not have been easy. However, the enemy would have never been destroyed if they had not moved!

Stand still and Get moving seem to be conflicting instructions. But let’s consider the sequence in which they were given. Before the Israelites were told to get moving, they were first told to stand still. Our God of order knew that if they first took time to stand still, not only would their ears be able to hear HIS promises more clearly, but their eyes would notice GOD’s Cloud of protection over them, and their hearts would calm down. THEN they would have the faith they needed to get moving ahead to their miracle!

At times, standing still and moving ahead may not make sense to us either. But this story proves they are actually a powerful, miracle-working team, that is when we get them in the right order!


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