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“Stay with Them”

“…But your strong warriors, fully armed, must lead the other tribes across the Jordan to help them conquer their territory. Stay with them until the Lord your God gives them rest as he has given you rest, and until they, too, possess the land the Lord your God is giving them….”

Joshua 1:14-15

Why should three tribes enjoy their promised land while the other tribes were still fighting for theirs? God’s instructions were to stay with the family until EVERYONE could rest.

God never planned for only a few people to live an abundant life. In GOD’s family, we all have responsibility to help each other fight for the freedom He promised. Some may be battling doubts or fears, others controlling habits or the shame of wrong choices. Whatever the struggle, some of our siblings are warring against the same enemy that we ourselves fought in the past. We cannot selfishly bask in our own freedom while criticizing the ones who are still struggling. We must never leave any family member to fight alone!

Joshua’s instructions were given to those who had already fought and won. Those strong warriors were to go fully armed to help their brothers. In fact, THEY were to lead the way through the impassible Jordan River and then stay with their family until God had given them ALL victory.

Through many battles, GOD has made you a strong warrior. So, go fully armed with the Truth you learned in those struggles and fight alongside your siblings. Lead the way through the impossible and stay with them until they too enjoy the freedom and rest that you have found!


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