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“That’s Not Fair!”

“You will pass through the country belonging to your relatives the Edomites, the descendants of Esau…Do not bother them, for I have given them all the hill country…as their property, and I will not give you even one square foot of their land.”

Deuteronomy 2:4-5

Three times in this chapter God gives identical instructions, once concerning the land of Esau’s descendants, and twice concerning the land of Lot’s descendants (v. 9, 19). Both of these men had demonstrated contempt for God… Esau sold his birthright and tried to murder his twin. Lot chose Sodom and slept with his daughters. Why would God be generous to rebels, and why would He guard their land from the Israelites? I thought the nation of Israel was God's chosen! However, before questioning God's fairness, perhaps I should question myself:

First, do I know the heart of another person? Both Esau and Lot could have repented. In fact, Esau later forgave his brother and invited him to come home. (Gen. 33, 35:37-39) And later Peter said God rescued Lot because he was a righteous man. (2 Pet. 2:7). I am NOT the judge of other people’s relationships God.

Second, do I have the authority to tell GOD what to do? The Israelites could have responded, “That’s not fair! After how they treated You, why would you protect THEM? WE are the ones who suffered in the desert…You should tell THEM to take care of US!”

God is God…He can restore relationship to whoever He wants, and He can bless whoever He wants. When I start to question HIS ways, Jesus’ words quickly remind me, “What is that to you…YOU follow Me!”


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