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“The Endless Flow”

“So the Lord made David victorious wherever he went…King David dedicated all these gifts to the Lord, as he did with the silver and gold from the other nations he had defeated.”

2 Samuel 8:6, 11

David was victorious wherever he went because GOD blessed him. And God blessed David because he welcomed God into his life!

The secret to blessings is simple, yet profound—God will be with us IF we want Him! And IF God is with us, HIS blessings flow to us and through us.

James told us blessings come down to us from God our Father; and David demonstrated what to do with those blessings—dedicate them to the Lord! The more victories God gave David, the more gifts he received, and the more he gave to God. What a beautiful flow of blessings—from God, to David, back to God—an endless cycle!

However, there was an amazing miracle that transpired in the middle of that flow between God and David. Those powerful blessings spilled over to the Israelites—David did what was just and right for all his people. (v. 15) God wants many to be touched by His blessings, but it’s up to us to keep His flow moving!

Our world certainly needs just and rightblessings flowing to them today! So, pray for leaders who, like David want God in their lives. Then as God blesses them, pray they will not stop the flow of HIS blessings to all their people!

And may I never stop the blessing flow either!


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