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“The Final Sprint”

“And now, because of my devotion to the Temple of my God, I am giving all of my own private treasures of gold and silver to help in the construction. This is in addition to the building materials I have already collected for his holy Temple.”

1 Chronicles 22:3

After David built the altar on the threshing floor to stop the plague, he not only declared that place the location for the LORD’s Temple, but he immediately began making preparations for that dream to become reality. With a driving passion David gathered building materials beyond measure, plus he organized and trained Levitical priests for constant worship.

For years, David had wanted to build a Temple for the LORD, but God said he was not the one. So, why would David go to so much trouble making extensive preparations, if he would never get to see the finished Temple or even worship there himself?

Something big must have transpired in David’s heart the day he encountered God at the threshing floor. When the fire of God’s grace fell on his sacrifice, evidently a passion was kindled for others to encounter the same God of grace he had seen that day.

It wasn't condemnation for his failure that drove David to pay—it was grace for his failure that drove David to give. Like an athlete who runs his strongest as he nears the finish line, David ran with his greatest intensity the final sprint of his life. David gave all he had because of devotion to HIS God of grace.

What about MY final sprint?

Will I give all I have so others can know MY God of Grace?


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