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“The Power of Community”

“The whole community of Israel must celebrate this Passover festival.”

Exodus 12:47

Notice the word God used for the first time to describe His people…community. In fact, five times in this chapter Moses gives instructions concerning the Passover to the community of Israel.

The Israelites had lived through nine plagues without much change in their daily lives. But when it came to the tenth, they were given specific instructions that required they act together in faith in order to be saved. Perhaps that’s why God chose this setting to address His people with a term that implies togetherness…He knew their deliverance depended on how well they could work together!

The God who called Abraham hundreds of years earlier knew exactly what lay ahead for millions of his descendants. He already knew about the Red Sea, about living in the desert 40 years, and about giants that overran the land that would be theirs. This loving Father knew they could venture no further as individuals. From now on they needed to believe what God said together and follow where God led together. They needed to be a community to move out of slavery and into freedom…And so do we!

Our loving God never intended for you to walk alone.

Community has always been part of His plan…because He knows what lies ahead!


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