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“The Troublemaker”

There happened to be a troublemaker there named Sheba…who blew a ram’s horn and began to chant: ‘Down with the dynasty of David! We have no interest in the son of Jesse. Come on, you men of Israel, back to your homes!’”

2 Samuel 20:1

On the way back to Jerusalem to reclaim the throne, arguments broke out over who should have escorted King David across the Jordan. Judah declared they owned that right because David was from their tribe, and Israel argued they had MORE rights because they were TEN tribes! And as they disputed over rights, there happened to be a troublemaker present.

It seems these men had forgotten what was most important—they were ALL brothers; Jacob was THEIR father. Not many years prior, they had TOGETHER anointed David as their king declaring, “WE are your own flesh and blood.” But all too soon their focus on relationship changed to a focus on rights, and THAT is when the troublemaker stepped in!

Likewise, we were ALL created with the same flesh and blood, and God intended that we ALL be family. But THE Troublemaker happened to be there in the Garden and began shifting man’s focus from relationships to personal rights, a focus he knew would lead to death!

However, God offers everyone the greatest right of all—the right to become children of God. By faith, that relationship is ours, both with the Father and His kids. And that right to relationship takes care of all the other rights!

So, let’s focus on relationship instead of rights and keep the Troublemaker away!


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